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Europe with the Gilberts

Europe was the first world adventure as a nomadic family. It was beautiful, historic, weird and wild. In total, we visited 12 countries on our journey around this amazing continent. We met lovely people, ate a scary amount of sauerkraut, saw some truly breathtaking scenery, and created memories that are priceless. 

Hopefully the stories here will help, entertain and inspire you to dive into your own adventure somewhere in Europe. Maybe the wilds of Bohemia? Or perhaps you will feel an incurable desire to go trekking to the top of the Austrian Alps with a baby! Maybe you would like to listen to Vivaldi in an ancient church in Venice, or instead you may dream to wear a dirndl and twirl around the hills of Austria pretending that you are Maria Von Trapp...ok...maybe that's just me. Well, I am happy to report that I got to fulfill that strange and embarrassing life dream, plus a whole lot more. Europe is magical!

Pick a country to focus on or just explore the whole adventure with us!

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