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On top of the world

We started exploring the surrounding area of Maria Alm. There are a group of towns nearby and using our handy Hochkonig card, we started to discover some of the fun things to do. Wow, it did not disappoint! Both Ross and I are suckers for beautiful scenery and the Alps in Austria totally blew us away. It began to make sense why Austrians are so into their outdoor sports. Around our little town there was a constant stream of people, from young up to the elderly, walking, hiking and mountain biking. Most amazing to me was the kinds of activities that could be found on the top of the mountains! We took a ride up a different mountain in search of a playground in a place called Muhlbach that looked promising called Toni's playground ( Toni was the name of a goat mascot ), and rather than try to describe it with words, I will let the pictures do most of the talking. It was one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen! The playground was on top of the world, and was a kind of engineering based water play where the kids got to learn about what moves water; what propels it or how to block it. There were handy cushions to relax on while the kids played!!!

Wow oh wow!!

After the kids were done with the water play, we explored a few other play areas on top of the mountain. We saw groups going down the mountain on go-carts that looked so much fun, unfortunately we didn't get a chance to try it. Oh well, we'll just have to go back there one day!!

We tried taking a family photo with little success. Cheesy cliche photo of the kids = successful. Family photo without the kids attacking each other and the baby cracking the sads = not so much....

On another day we discovered a playground just 5 minutes from our apartment that was simply wonderful. Jufen Alm had a deer park, zip lines, and play equipment with the most glorious views!

Interestingly, thwacking plastic animals with a bow and arrow is a sport reserved for 'bogans' only - haha

Austria has ruined us for life. The joy I felt looking at those amazing views while my kids played on playgrounds on top of the do we move on from that? It has set us up to be disappointed in any average Joe-Blo playground in the future.

"But where are the views?" we shall say

"Oh dear, there are no amazing zip lines or engineering based water play? How shall we manage?" we will ask.

" I cannot enjoy this without a lift ride up the mountain to begin with" we shall feel.

There is a term for this malady - playground snobbery. But what can we do? We have been so blessed to play on top of the world that I'm afraid, nothing will ever be able to compare.

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