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* Would you like us to speak or run workshops at your conference?

*Do you have an incredible product that you would like to test out on the front lines of mis-adventurous travel?

* Would you like to feature Learningbrave in your fabulous magazine or television show?

* Would you like to fly us around the world taste testing ice-cream?!?

As a very imperfect family with an increasing repertoire of world-wide joys and disasters, we specialize in regaling everyone with amusing and highly embarrassing stories.

 We can help people to laugh, cry and feel like it might just be possible to travel the world as a family.

Learningbrave is soon to be featured in the upcoming edition of Everywhere Magazine!

Everywhere magazine.png

We were recently featured in an episode of The Modern Middle East - an Australian television program highlighting current events in the Middle East and encouraging people to travel there.

About Us

Hi there, we are the Gilberts. We are an Australian family of 7 who have decided to have some adventures around the world...


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