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  • Zahli

My cold dive!

Hi, my name is Zahli. This story is about my cold dive in Austria. Have any of you heard of a Marmot? Well, if you don't know, a marmot is an animal that looks a bit like a beaver, except it doesn't have a long tail. One day we decided to go on a walk to see Marmots up in the mountains.

On the day of our walk, the sky was grey and it was freezing! When we arrived there was a little hotel, we went inside to go to the loo. I kept on complaining to Mum that I was cold. We saw that there was a little playground and we played on it for a little bit. Then a guy, I think it was a guard, he told us off for going on the playground!! He told Mum and Dad that the playground was dangerous.

Well, first of all we brought binoculars with us and I'm glad we did. Me and Dad spotted two Marmots on a rock. The view was absolutely marvelous, you should have seen it!!

Then we continued our walk. It was pretty cool. There was snow up on the mountains, higher than we were.

Rushton and I kept on jumping in puddles, it was great fun.

Dad kept on saying; "don't jump in puddles, those are snow boots, not water boots."

But Mum said; "let them jump in puddles, they are waterproof."

I agreed with Mum.