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France unexpected

First thing to do in a new country?


Ross learned French in High School, and he was always going on and on about 'Pain au Chocolat'. I gathered that this was some kind of French Pastry. Or maybe he was talking about chocolate eclairs.... Mmmm, who cares? I'd take either one!

Our first morning in France had us heading to town in search of a French bakery. And 'oh my', it didn't disappoint. It was so difficult to choose! Of course the bread is all amazing. And then there are the pastries, cakes, tarts, buns, croissants! I have always said that I think croissants are gross, just a big hunk of pastry....but since Europe I have totally changed my tune on that point!

We had a wonderful time choosing our French breakfast, and then we settled outside in the little town of 'La Bresse' to enjoy our foreign feast.

Ross' long awaited culminating French moment had finally come; he blissfully bit into 'pain au chocolate' for the first time in his life!!