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Kid connection

I love to travel with my kids.

I also hate traveling with my kids.

It can be crazy and stressful, but my kids add a new perspective to the experience. We learn to be more patient and to observe things we might not have all the dangerous cliffs my baby could fall from, that sort of thing. We take things a lot slower and we more easily connect with new friends around the world. Traveling with a baby has it's unique challenges (seriously, we have changed nappies on rocks, next to castle walls, on our knees, on the name it!), and traveling with older children also has it's unique joys and challenges.

One way that we developed to further connect with our older children while traveling was to take them out one by one on Mummy/Daddy dates. This has provided some of our favourite memories around the world!

Launching out to a foreign city on my own took quite a bit of bravery from me. I am so used to traveling with Ross and he is the one who is good at all the practical, useful stuff - like directions and following a map. I am good at finding delicious food, discovering hidden markets or choosing fabulous souvenirs, but I'm kinda terrible with directions. Going out alone with my 12 year old to a new city was an out-of-my comfort-zone thing to try, but Levi and I were excited and up for the adventure!

My son and I decided to explore Prague together. This magical city from my dreams was so fabulous that I just couldn't get enough of it! We were living an hour and a half away from Prague in the small town of Budikov. As an Australian, I had never driven on the right side of the road and was too terrified to try it in a big city, so Levi and I caught a bus to the central station in Prague, we listened to an audio-book together for the bus ride, and it was so fun to hang out just the two of us!

The day was crisp and cold and as we walked into the centre of town, we passed a small market with a few stalls and we were able to watch a weaving demonstration and buy a few trinkets.

We had booked a tour of Prague, but before it began, I proudly treated my child to a sample of the best hot-chocolate in the world! Ross and I had made the discovery during our sneaky date a few weeks earlier, that yes, Prague was not only mystical and magical, but it is home to the creamiest and most delicious hot chocolate on the planet!! Levi was impressed.

We had seen the Astronomical Clock before, but we took the time to climb up to the clock tower and look over the city roof-tops. The people looked like tiny ants and we searched for landmarks that we knew and giggled about how Levi is scared of heights and that I accidentally walked around the tower in the wrong direction and annoyed all the other visitors.