JULY 9-15

Dive into the past and make connections with the present!

Come with us on a fantastic tour of old town Virginia USA in the Summer of 2021! We will be exploring the Historic Triangle - Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, as well as a host of other adventures only available through Learning Brave!

 This tour is FULL BOARD!! You don't need to worry about anything, just come along for the experience of a lifetime and have everything provided by us! 

7 days, 6 nights accommodation.

All food, accommodation and activities included.


This tour will be for teens 14 years +, young adults and also for parents.

** Parents please read out 'note to parents'

Students need to be 14 + (or traveling with someone that satisfies the airline minor policy - this could be a family member but can also be another participant over the age of 16 depending on the airline policy).

Cost - EARY BIRD SPECIAL!!!!  - $1500 p/person.

This offer is only available until May 15th. 

Full price after May 15th will be $1600 per person. 

Registration closes June 1st

*First payment - registration deposit = $300

*Final payment due June 9th = $1200

This tour is a small and personal experience in Virginia's Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown) with the Gilbert family.

Get in quick and don't miss out!!

*It is required that all participants have their own medical/travel insurance. 

If you would like to discuss the option of a payment plan, please email us at

**Covid 19 update**

This tour is designed to bring youth together, and as such, we will be socializing in close proximity. Masks will only be required when mandated by the state of Virginia for use in public places. The wearing of masks inside the tour accommodation will not be required and is optional. Learning Brave LLC will work to ensure the comfort and health of tour participants but will not be held responsible for any Covid 19 cases that arise during the tour. It is expected that tour participants will only attend if they are in good health and experiencing no Covid symptoms.

The tour mentors for this trip will be Ross and Skyler Gilbert, both have extensive experience working with youth.

Ross Gilbert was awarded top youth mentor for Williamsburg Learning in 2019 and has never regretted leaving corporate life 4 years ago to fulfill his dream of living intentionally and working in a meaningful capacity with youth. He is ridiculously passionate about US history! 

Skyler Gilbert is the founder of Learning Brave LLC, the mother of 5 children, a writer, artist, and adventure planner. 


Our plans for the Learning Brave US History Tour includes;

     Experiencing some of the most beautiful and vibrant historical sites in the USA!

Williamsburg - Williamsburg is Virginia's top tourist destination, resembling the city as it would have been in the 1770s. It refers to itself as a “living history museum” and is filled with restored and rebuilt buildings (everything from the courthouse to taverns to the Governor's Palace) and re-enactors who wander around the Revolutionary City and NEVER break character.

Jamestown - This is where it all began! We will visit the original site of the American settlers which is also an active archaeological site! We will also explore a world-class living history museum - climb aboard re-creations of the three ships that brought America's first permanent English colonists to Virginia, check out the Fort, museums and Powhatan Indian Village.

Yorktown - Yorktown Battlefield is the site of one of the most important battles in United States history. Walk where George Washington walked!! There is a world-class museum and outdoor living history exhibits.


      Delicious food! We are planning to eat in a traditional colonial tavern - come and try unique 18th century dishes in the ambiance of the revolutionary era.

     WATER PARK!! And not just any water park, we are heading to Virginia's largest family water park - Water Country! Mid week when things get hot, we are going to cool off in the many pools, water slides and wave pools available. 

      Cultural enrichment through learning and exploration of the country's past, present and future. We will have a theme each day to focus on and discuss as a group as we learn together about the many people and places of the revolutionary era.

     Movie nights, devotionals, and teen connection activities.

      All of this and more for an incredible experience in historical Virginia USA!


We will finalize accommodation once we have firm numbers for the tour. As always, Learning Brave will supply a top level of comfortable accommodation. We will be staying in one of the city's many beautiful hotels. 


All transportation is included in this tour, including transfers to and from the Richmond International Airport.

          After registration, we will advise an optimal time for participants to arrive and depart the airport.

         We are very willing to work with parents and and youth to help facilitate travel buddy groups so that whenever possible, teens can fly together and accompany each other. We also offer travel consultation in the form of personalized help to find the best possible flights available for each participant! (We are very good at this as we have been full-time traveling around the world for the past 5 years!)


What's Included; 

- We will greet you and provide all transfers to and from the Richmond Virginia Airport.

- We will provide consultations and recommendations for finding the best available flights.

-All meals and snacks from Friday 9th dinner - Thursday 15th breakfast.

- 6 nights accommodation. 

- Experienced and fun guides for diverse historical adventures.

- ALL activities, entrance fees, and guided tours included.

- Plenty of laughs and epic moments!

- New friends!!

What's NOT Included;

- Airfare to and from participants home to Richmond International Airport.

- Health/Travel Insurance.

- Spending money for souvenirs. 

A detailed list of what to bring on the Learning Brave US History Tour will be sent out once registration is complete. 

For more detailed information, check out the 

Tour Participation Agreement and Medical Information 

for the Learning Brave US History Tour 2021.

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Come along for a wonderful historical adventure!!