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Rocky Mountain Teen Adventure 2020!!


Our Rocky Mountain Teen adventure in the Fall of 2020 was a huge success, we had 38 teens and 4 parents join us for the experience of a lifetime! We experienced wonderful scenery, fun-filled activities, and deep connection that will always be remembered.

Our activities included - viewing herds of wild elk, epic hikes to frozen alpine lakes, archery, roller-skating, axe-throwing, art, leadership games, an amazing talent show, and best of all, the beautiful devotionals that opened our hearts to each other. We made new friends while having an amazing adventure in the Rocky Mountains as we all explored what it means to truly Learn Brave in our own life. 















For more info and fun stories about the Rocky Mountain Teen Adventure 2020, check out this blog post! 


Vulnerability was so supported and because of that I made so many incredible connections. I learned so much about myself and realized so much about my life that I need to and am capable of changing.

Sabrina Allen 2020

Awesome people, great food, bonds, sharing, events, all of it! 

Catherine Satterfield 2020

I made so many wonderful memories during this week that it's hard to pick only one.
The devotional when we were all sharing our struggles and challenges was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It was so meaningful.

Ben Reichard 2020

 You are both so kind, and the amount of work you put into this trip was amazing! I truly cannot thank you enough for allowing me to come on this trip, because it was seriously life-changing for me. You both have touched my life in such a special way, through the devotionals, and just through your service to me and my peers! 

Heidi Johnson 2020

The last morning together Ross and Skyler held a devotional/workshop where we reflected on what we learned during the week and how to apply to our lives when we go back home. A few people were sharing and then I just cried because of some of other people's experiences and I realized that I have worth and people actually love me and I'm good at meeting people and making genuine relationships.

Owen Amakasu 2020

At the beginning of the week, you asked us to go outside of our comfort zones. For me I set a goal to socialize. I have been missing that in my life and because of you I was able to make some really incredible friends.

Jeffrey Purcell 2020

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