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Rocky Mountain Art Collection

The Rocky Mountain Art Collection was created while our family was living in Estes Park Colorado. The landscape and the animals were so beautiful and inspiring!

To inquire about purchasing an original piece, contact me at

Critical Space.jpg

Critical Space

Oil on Canvas.

Bears, like humans and other animals, have a “critical space” – an area around them that they may defend. Once you have entered a bear’s critical space, you have forced the bear to act...

Delta Blues


Delta Blues.jpg

Oil Pastel on Canvas.

These are designed to work as stand alone pieces and also as a complementary set.

They are part of the 'Elvis Series'.

It's Sarah's Birthday.jpg

It's Sarah's Birthday

Oil on Canvas. 

High up in the Rocky Mountains on the alpine tundra live tiny little Pika, who do indeed bring flowers home for the family!

Rock Star.jpg

Keep the Kids Away

Rock Star

Oil on Canvas.

Nimble, agile, aloof. The coolest star of the mountains.

Lock up the dog

Keep the Kids Away.jpg

Oil on canvas.

While we were living in Estes Park, a mountain lion attacked a man's dog, he ran outside and punched the mountain lion in defence of his dog - true story!!

Lock Up the Dog.jpg
Grumpy Elk.jpg

Grumpy Elk

Oil on canvas.

Do not disturb, grumpiness threatened.





Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas
En Pointe.jpg

En Pointe

Oil pastel on parchment.

Boy Band.jpg

Boy Band

Oil pastel on parchment.

Pretty cool

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