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JULY 12-20, 2023

Come on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to ENGLAND !!

England is an incredible part of the world and home to some of the most celebrated and notable Authors! History, culture, food, and all kinds of literary adventures will be part of our Learning Brave England Literary Tour.

 Come and create friendships and memories this Summer to last a lifetime!

 This tour is FULL BOARD!! You don't need to worry about anything, just come along for the experience of a lifetime and have everything provided by us!

All food, accommodation, activities, entrance fees and transfers included.

9 days tour, 8 nights accommodation.


This tour will be for youth 14 years +, young adults and also for parents.

Young adults wanting to join this tour will need to apply first via email before registering. This is because the tour is focused for teens, however, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

** Parents please read our 'note to parents'.

Cost - $3,000 USD

*First payment - registration deposit = $400

*Second payment, 90 days before tour  = $1300

*Final payment, 30 days before tour = $1300

This tour is a cultural and personal experience in England, we will focusing on our literary heroes, we have limited spots.

Get in quick and don't miss out!!

*It is required that all participants have their own medical/travel insurance. 

If you would like to discuss the option of a payment plan, please email us at

*We need a minimum number of 7 participants in order for the tour to run.

**Covid 19 update**

This tour is designed to bring youth together, and as such, we will be socializing in close proximity. Masks will only be required when mandated by English law for use in public places. The wearing of masks inside any tour accommodation will not be required and is optional. Learning Brave LLC will work to ensure the comfort and health of tour participants but will not be held responsible for any Covid 19 cases that arise during the tour. It is expected that tour participants will only attend if they are in good health and experiencing no Covid symptoms.

 It is essential for participants to have travel and medical insurance against any potential delays, medical emergencies or cancellations.

*No tests or proof of vaccination are currently required for travel between the US and England.

The tour mentors for this trip will be Ross and Skyler Gilbert, both have extensive experience working with youth.

Ross Gilbert is the Headmaster of Williamsburg Academy and was awarded numerous mentoring awards for leadership through Williamsburg Learning 2019 - 2022. He has never regretted leaving corporate life 6 years ago to fulfill his dream of living intentionally and working in a meaningful capacity with youth.

Skyler Gilbert is the founder of Learning Brave LLC, the mother of 5 children, a writer, artist, and avid adventure planner.

Ross and Skyler love everything English! They have a passionate love for exploring the beauty, culture, history and literary joys of this region of the world and are so excited to share this love with others!


    England is AMAZING!!!

Ancient history, castles, theater, beautiful and inspiring landscapes, quaint villages and impressive traditions. And of course, ALL things literary!

Our October Youth Tour will be focused on all things literary. Come along to the home of some of the literary masters and revel in learning about their lives and inspiration in this green and magnificent land. We will be learning about the lives and works of Lewis Carroll, Victor Hugo, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, J.R.R.Tolkien, Bronte, Elizabeth Gaskell, Arthur Conan Doyle, Chaucer, Charles Dickens and of course - J.K.Rowling!!

We have been working very hard to craft the best literary themed itinerary that we can devise. It is difficult to choose between the many many wonderful options of exciting things to do in England, but we believe that we have chosen some of the very best activities and sights based around our literary theme. 

The itinerary for this tour will include;

Exploration of major literary spots of Southern England; 

- London

-  Bath

- Gloucester

- Stratford-Upon-Avon

- Oxford 

This tour includes tickets to see a live show in London, guided tours of major landmarks (such as Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Stonehenge), entrances to museums and galleries, and also tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London!

London will be incredible this July!!

In London we will be visiting platform 9 3/4!! We will also be taking part in the incredible Harry Potter Studio Tour London.

Other plans for London include the Charles Dicken Museum, as well as Shakespeare's Globe theatre where we can learn all about it's history and creation on a guided tour.

(We also hope to see a play performed here and can move ahead with bookings once we have confirmed numbers for the tour.) 

The Beautiful city of Bath has connections to Jane Austen, Dickens, Mary Shelly and more!!