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Come and experience beautiful southern Germany and Austria in the Summer!
July 22-30, 2024

Austria and Southern Germany are our favourite places in Europe!! It is the place where our family first began our nomadic world-schooling life and so this region holds a special place in our hearts.

Come and explore the history, culture, food and breathtaking beauty of this incredible part of the world!

 This tour is FULL BOARD!! You don't need to worry about anything, just come along for the experience of a lifetime and have everything provided by us!

All food, accommodation, activities, entrance fees and transfers included.

9 day tour, 8 nights accommodation.


This tour will be for youth 14 years + and also for parents.

Young adults wanting to join this tour will need to apply first via email before registering. This is because the tour is focused for teens, however, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

** Parents please read our 'note to parents'.

Cost - $3,000 USD


(There are limited places - a waiting list will be created once we are full)

By registering with Learning Brave, you are committing to the following payment schedule;

*First payment  = $400 (due March 22nd)

*Second payment  = $1300 (due April 22nd)

*Final payment  = $1300 (due June 22nd)

This tour is a cultural and personal experience in Austria and Germany, we have limited spots.

Get in quick and don't miss out!!

*It is required that all participants have their own medical/travel insurance. 

*We need a minimum number of 8 participants in order for the tour to run.

If you would like to discuss the option of a payment plan, please email us at

The tour mentors for this trip will be Ross and Skyler Gilbert, both have extensive experience working with youth.

Ross Gilbert is the Headmaster and also a Leadership Mentor for Williamsburg Academy. He was awarded numerous mentoring awards through Williamsburg Learning 2019 - 2024. He has never regretted leaving corporate life 8 years ago to fulfill his dream of living intentionally and working in a meaningful capacity with youth.

Skyler Gilbert is the founder of Learning Brave LLC, the mother of 5 children, a writer, artist, and avid adventure planner.

Ross and Skyler are truly in love with this part of the world, they traveled to Southern Germany and Austria as part of their worldschooling journey and are so excited to share this incredible part of the world with others!


Southern Germany and Austria are AMAZING!!!

We have hand picked our favourite places in these two countries to create the perfect blend of history, adventure, hidden local gems and cultural immersion to give you a most memorable experience in Europe!

To read all about our family's first adventures and why we fell in love with Austria and Germany, click on the links.

Come and make wonderful connections, new friends, learn about beautiful lands and history, and create memories to last a lifetime!!

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The Summer is the perfect time to visit Southern Germany and Austria, everything comes alive!! (...even the hills...)

These are the main attractions on our tour itinerary;


Salzburg is one of our very favourite European cities!! It is full of culture, history and charm. We will be exploring Mozart landmarks and music, the beautiful Hellbrunn Palace, Mirabell Gardens, the Old Town, gorgeous catherdrals, quirky shopping and so much more. We promise you will fall in love with this charming city just as we did!!

And no tour of Salzburg is complete without a Sound of Music Tour!!! This was actually one of our highlights of Salzburg, not only can you twirl and geek out to your hearts content, it is actually a wonderful and fun way to explore the region. 

It's easy to get carried away...

The Eagle's Nest + Boat ride on Lake Konigssee

The Eagle's nest is a fascinating piece of WWII history. Come and visit Hitler's Lair, where the dictator and his cronies perched upon the mountain and plotted evil designs. It's both creepy and scenic. The Eagle's Nest is in Berchtesgaden, one of the most beautiful regions of Bavaria, Germany.

Take a boat ride on one of the most stunning Lakes in the world - Lake Konigssee!

Learning Brave youth tour (76).JPG
Learning brave youth tour

Here's a fun video all about our early adventures at The Eagle's Nest back in 2016

Neuschwanstein Castle + Hohenschwangau Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century historic palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. The palace was commissioned by (mad..?) King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

It's gorgeous, outlandish, and magical!

This castle was used as inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle in California.

Hohenschwangau Castle was built in the 1830s by King Maximilian of Bavaria (father of ‘mad’ Ludwig). Maximilian didn’t just want an authentic rebuild of the old castle. As a precursor of his son’s eccentricity to come, he commissioned a romantic, c19th vision of what a Medieval castle should look like. Both of these castles are out-of-this-world romantic and beautiful!

HERE is our blog post of a fun day at the fairytale castles!