Here are some things that we have found extremely useful lately!

When you live in a place with well water, it can wreak havoc on your hair! Here are some of our solutions;

1. Get a new shower filter and head, here is the best one! Shower filter 


   Shower head - 

2. Essential oils are so helpful in many ways - we diffuse them, we use them for when we're feeling unwell, they have so many health benefits! here are our favourites; 

Peppermint Oil 

Respir Aid 

For a great night sleep, I always use my silk eye-mask, this one is the best!! It's lightweight and I simpy cannot live without it!! 

We always travel with a diffuser, it's useful in so many ways, particularly any stinky hotel rooms! It helps with dry air and it is soothing for sleep and helpful while driving. 

Little jars are just the best for breakfasts on the go!

Easy jar lids!