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I have a confession...I am a geek. Like, a full blown total geek. Here is the proof - in my spare time, I like to read book reviews. No, I LOVE to read book reviews. See? I told you!


I love the hunt, I love to search and find kindred spirits out there in the world who are passionate about the same kind of stories that I am. I love to find new series and authors that are going to whisk me away to another world or another time. And the reason I love this so much, is that I feel so deeply connected to the stories that I bring in to my life. They become part of me. Part of my soul. I step into the heart and mind of another person or another creature and I am made larger and richer from the experience. And so...I like to search and hunt for the perfect adventure awaiting me. 

Along with this weird obsession of mine is a love for recommending my favourite books. The books that have changed my life and heart just need to be shared! I particularly love to read about places around the world that we have or wish to visit. This often gets me into trouble as I go in with ridiculous expectations, but it's all part of the adventure. So come along on a magical and literary adventure around the world!