Hi there, we are the Gilberts! I am Skyler, and my husband's name is Ross. We have 5 crazy kids! They are aged 1 -12 years old, and we have packed up our house and taken off overseas.

This sounds very romantic, and parts of it are definitely amazing....but our adventurous life has been filled with plenty of days where I secretly ( maybe not so secretly ) wanted to hide in a dark cave and never emerge! Hahaha

Well, we have decided to share the ups and the downs of a crazy, real, and imperfect family of 7 traveling the world and trying to live a richer, more fulfilling and memorable life.

Will it prove worth it?

Will this be the best thing for our marriage and our children?


We are willing to try, and to learn as we go. We know we want to be brave. We want to be willing to try new things and have the courage to step outside of our comfort zones and the norms around us.

To start off our crazy adventure, we have bought a car and we are tripping our way around Europe for 9 months. Follow along on this mad venture with us!

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Who are we and what are we doing?!

About Us

Hi there, we are the Gilberts. We are an Australian family of 7 who have decided to have some adventures around the world...


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